[Dovecot] Oddities with Debian unstable dovecot

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Wed Aug 31 21:21:33 EEST 2005

Lisandro Grullon wrote:
> What method for mail boxes are you guys using mbox or maildir and which one would you recommend? Thanks.

I use maildir because it stores each message in a separate file.  So 
this gets me:

1) Daily backups of a ~/Maildir are much smaller than a large mbox 
because most files don't change, while a single change to a large mbox 
file will require the entire mbox to be backed up.

2) Moving emails from folder to folder is much faster, as it's moving a 
single file and you don't have to delete an email from a middle of a 
mbox file.

I have a 5 year old 450 Mhz Dell that easily and quickly manages over 2 
Gbytes of email for several users.


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