[Dovecot] SASL AUTH

Peter Lacey placey at wanderingbarque.com
Sun Jan 2 00:47:17 EET 2005

SASL has nothing to do with Dovecot authentication.  It is only needed 
by Postfix for user authentication.  If you're sure that no untrusted 
user can connect to your Postfix server, then you can get Postfix to 
relay mail for them by setting the mynetworks_style or mynetworks 
directives as applicable.  As an aside, note that by applying Timo's 
patch to Postfix (http://www.dovecot.org/patches/postfix/) you should 
be able to get Postfix to authenticate against Dovecot without having 
to run a separate SASL process.

- Pete

On Jan 1, 2005, at 4:22 PM, Tom Allison wrote:

> I'm reading through the dovecot wiki pages for virtual hosting with 
> postgresql/postfix/dovecot/debian and it looks pretty nice but I think 
> I'm going to skip the SASL authentication since I'm in a trusted 
> network.
> I think all I need to do is skip section 5 entirely and bypass all the 
> sasl references in the postfix section.
> Technically, I don't think any of the SASL has much to do with the 
> dovecot configuration.

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