[Dovecot] Internal login failure

Peter Clark peter-clark at bethel.edu
Wed Jan 5 14:09:07 EET 2005

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 07:09, Kazuo Moriwaka wrote:
> > I'm using Dovecot 0.99.11 (Debian Sarge), and all user information is
> > stored in an LDAP database. Any suggestions?
> Some bugs are fixed at ldap module after dovecot-0.99.11.
> Please check dovecot-0.99.12 or dovecot-1.0-test59.
    Out of curiosity, what exactly were the nature of the bugs? I'm stumped 
because it's so random; half of the users don't have any problems, while the 
other half does. As far as Dovecot is concerned, the only fields are uid, 
userPassword, mailAddress, and status. I've been over those, and can't see 
anything wrong. I even deleted the account for a user that wasn't able to log 
in, took the LDIF for a user that worked, and changed only the uid, password, 
and mailAddress for the first user, and got the same results. It's like the 
users have been mysteriously blacklisted by Dovecot, only because of their 

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