[Dovecot] Where are flags stored?

Adam Pordzik ap at d-dt.de
Mon Jan 10 02:59:06 EET 2005

Hello Timo,

> This is mail store specific. With maildir the seen flag is stored in
> maildir file name (http://cr.yp.to/proto/maildir.html), with mbox it's
> stored in R flag in Status-header.

Like "Status: RO" in Header? Hmm. I tried setting all Messages in my 
INBOX as read, but grepping for this "grep '^Status:' /vat/mail/adam" 
only returned "Status: RO".

> I don't know what you mean by message priority. That's most likely a
> client-specific variable which is never even sent to IMAP server.

Of course it it, also on wire: I meant the "SPAM-Priority-Flags" ;-). 
Formerly, at least, I often could identify Spam just by checking for 
this flags, beeing either "high", or "low" for spam but never used for 
normal mail. :-)

How this flags are called "officially"?

>> My goal is to mark spam or other filtered by procmail as "seen", so that 
>> dovecot doesn't notify MUAs about new mail in IDLE mode.
> It doesn't matter if message is seen or not, Dovecot still notifies
> client.

And (how) can I prevent dovecot from doing so?



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