[Dovecot] ldap auth (with user and domain a different places)

Timo Boettcher spida at gmx.net
Mon Jan 10 03:21:22 EET 2005


   I am trying to use dovecot with my virtual-hosting setup. I have
   all users in LDAP like uid=user,dc=domain.tld,o=myorganization for
   the user with the mail-address user at domain.tld. This is also the
   username that user should use for login, but it is nowhere in the
   ldap-db in this form together, just user and domain at their own
   places. Is it possible to authenticate with dovecot against such an

   After reading docs and comments in the config-file, I think no, but
   I am not sure.
   As I read the source, it is not possible just now, but would be, if
   I could use %d in the searchbase.

   Or did I understand something wrong?


 Timo Boettcher

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