[Dovecot] maildir and /var/spool/mail

John Duino jduino at aerohead.com
Thu Jan 13 01:52:55 EET 2005

I just finished building a FC3/Dovecot/Sendmail/DSpam box. I have all the
mail put into the home direcories in IMAP format. The only thing  I had to
add to was the following line in /etc/procmailrc.


The mail in /var/spool/mail is irrelevant after that; sendmail uses
procmail for LDA, and it puts it in the user's home directories.  If you
want to recover the mail in /var/spool I suggest using the mb2md script. I
wrote a little wrapper to do some sanity checking and to process large
#'s, but otherwise it works great.


>> default_mail_env = mbox:~/mail:INBOX=/var/spool/mail/%u
> One way of getting sendmail to deliver to Maildir folders, is to
> configure procmail as your delivery agent.
> I suspect that most linux distributions have sendmail configured to use
> procmail for delivery out of the box.

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