[Dovecot] Test 57 -> Test 60

Andrew Hutchings mail at a-wing.co.uk
Thu Jan 13 17:13:43 EET 2005

I just tried upgrading one of our mail cluster servers to test60 from 
test57.  We have dovecot connecting to 3 different MySQL tables in 3 sql 
conf files.  The error seems to stem from this:

Jan 13 14:57:59 svr21 dovecot: auth(sql8): file 
auth-client-connection.c: line 31 (auth_client_send): assertion failed: 
(conn->refcount > 1)

After this the auth process gets killed with signal 6.  The sql8 is the 
config in use at the time, but can be any of the 3.

I take it this is the auth process not liking the 3 auth lookups 
(refcount > 1)?


Andrew Hutchings
Systems Operator / Developer / NWLUG Admin (http://www.nwlug.org.uk)
Netserve Consultants Ltd.

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