Fwd: [Dovecot] Upgraded and authentication fails with LDAP

Ren Galskap ren_galskap at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 05:48:02 EET 2005

--- Curtis Maloney <cmaloney at cardgate.net> wrote:

> Ren Galskap wrote:
> > Yeah. 0.99.13 isn't in the ports yet, and I'm not
> > smart enough to know how to install without the
> ports.
> > :)
> Honestly, I can't see the ports needing to do that
> much.  I've managed to 
> build Dovecot from source with trivial effort many
> times.  "./configure ; 
> make" is not hard.  But then, I've never delved into
> just what changes BSD 
> ports generally make...
> Anyone know who's the kind person donating their
> time in updating the ports 
> entries for Dovecot?

Actually, I'd be happy if someone knew where there was
an older version of the port I could download,
pre-0.99.12. I could get an older package, but I need
to compile with LDAP support.

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