[Dovecot] problems deleting folders

Curtis Maloney cmaloney at cardgate.net
Wed Jan 19 01:36:28 EET 2005

Danny Sung wrote:
> Sorry for asking this again.  But I'd really just like to hear whether
> anyone else running in the same configuration has this problem.
> Basically, I'm using
>     Fedora Core 2
>     dovecot-

I highly doubt anyone else is using such an antiquated version of 
Dovecot.  Have you considered updating to 0.99.13 ?

> Is anyone using mbox able to delete subfolders through their mail client?

Is there any particular reason you're using mbox over Maildir?  Just 

> What about users using maildir?

I'm using Maildir, and have been using Dovecot since 0.99.11.. no 
problems deleting sub-folders.

> BTW, I am able to rename folders without any problem.

Curtis Maloney

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