[Dovecot] Dovecot shared folder woes

Dave Hatton mail at davehatton.it
Sun Jan 23 15:35:22 EET 2005

>>    When I look in /var/log/mail I see and error 89 (which I understand 
>> is a generic error) and
>>    IMAP(fred): Failed to create storage for 'Public/' with data:
>> /var/mail/public
>That means Dovecot doesn't know what /var/mail/public is supposed to be.
Setting location = maildir:/var/mail/public or mbox:/var/mail/public >might
work, although it might just say that it doesn't have permission and fail

So I tried

--------------------- cut ------------------------- 
### this should give each user a mail store
default_mail_env = maildir:/var/mail/%lu/%u/Maildir

### Create Public mail store
namespace public {
   separator = /
   prefix    = Public/
   location  = maildir:/var/mail/public
   inbox     = no
   hidden    = no

### Create mail store for accounts
namespace shared {
   separator = /
   prefix    = Accounts/
   location  = maildir:/var/mail/accounts
   inbox     = no
   hidden    = no
--------------------- cut -------------------------

And now I get my two namespace directories (Public and Accounts) but my
users mailstore have vanished from the client???

Any ideas?


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