[Dovecot] Problem with incorrect permissions with shared folders

Dave Hatton mail at davehatton.it
Mon Jan 24 14:30:10 EET 2005


I'm seeing strange permissions when using an email client to create a new
sub folder in a shared folder.

This is dovecot-1.0test61

I have a directory  /data/mail/shared                 owner=root
group=shared  permissions=2770
I have a file       /data/mail/shared/dovecot-shared  owner=root
group-shared  permissions=2660

User fred in in group shared (in /etc/group) 

My understanding is that now in my client I can create a folder called test
and so I should have 

Folder  /data/mail/shared/.test  owner=fred  group-shared  permissions=2770

What I actually get is 

Folder  /data/mail/shared/.test  owner=fred group-shared  permissions=2700

So dovecot doesn't appear to be honouring the permissions on dovecot-shared
when creating folders.

Also, when creating a folder in a shared folder should the create process
automatically copy the dovecot-shared file down to the new folder to allow
this to be shared as well?



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