[Dovecot] Maildir

Jeff Graves jeff at image-src.com
Wed Jun 1 18:03:19 EEST 2005

>However, when I send a message to another user on the same server it 
>writes the message to:
>   Folder: /var/mail/someuser

You need to change procmail defaults (these are from my notes of a fresh
fedora core 1 install):

	--> Configure procmail
	# Change the location where sendmail/procmail delivers mail. We want
to change this to the 
	# home folder for users and we want to tell procmail to deliver mail
in the maildir format
	# instead of the mbox format for better performance.
	/*** /etc/login.defs ***/
	#QMAIL_DIR	Maildir
	#MAIL_DIR	/var/spool/mail
	MAIL_FILE	Maildir/
	/*** END EDIT FILE ***/

	/*** /etc/procmailrc (new file) ***/
	/*** END EDIT FILE ***/	

	/*** /etc/profile ***/
	export MAIL=~/Maildir/
	/*** END EDIT FILE ***/

Also, make sure that the Maildir directory and new, cur, tmp directories
exist under all of the users home dirs.

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