[Dovecot] The Kolab Storage Format, supported?

Sim Harbert sim at noisygecko.com
Fri Jun 3 18:16:14 EEST 2005

It seems that I remember someone saying that Dovecot doesn't support 
sharing IMAP folders.  Does anyone else know for sure?  I believe that 
is a requirement for the Kolab system.  I just read about Kolab, so I am 
no expert.


Farkas Levente wrote:

> hi,
> is dovecot are support all required feature for kolab imap server? the 
> requirements can be found here:
> http://www.kolab.org/doc/kolabformat-2.0rc3-html/index.html
> ie. can i replace cyrus-imap with dovecot in a kolab server?
> thanks in advance.
> yours.


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