[Dovecot] dovecot.index.cache 1/3rd of INBOX size

Dominic Marks dom at goodforbusiness.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 17:57:46 EEST 2005

On Tuesday 14 June 2005 15:35, Chris Wakelin wrote:
> I've noticed that my dovecot.index.cache file has got very large
> (24MB, which is more than 1/3 of my INBOX size). I've tried deleting
> (well, renaming) the dovecot.index.* files, and re-opening my INBOX,
> and the new dovecot.index.cache is only 90KB so far.
> I'm using dovecot-1.0-stable and mbox format. My mail_cache_fields
> and mail_never_cache_fields are set to the default.
> Looking back in the list archives, I found a message from Timo that
> suggested the cache entries are created for each message when the
> indexes are created, rather than when each message is accessed, so it
> ought not to grow? What happens when a message is deleted?
> I "strings/grep" ed through the dovecot.index.cache file and it looks
> like it's not caching any headers it shouldn't (like Received,
> X-Spam-XYZ etc.), but they seem to occur multiple times for each
> message.
> None of my other dovecot testers seem to have huge cache files
> (yet!).
> Anybody else seen this?

A sample from some mailboxes here. Dovecot 0.99.14 and maildirs.

 Username	Mailbox Size	Index Size	Messages
  A              41M             5M              7467
  B              115M            24M             12221
  C              303M            40M             63067
  D              1.7G            8.5M            10459
  E              505M            2M              1193
  F              109M            25M             30594
  G              763M            1.6M            2723

> Best Wishes,
> Chris

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