[Dovecot] customflags and keywords

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Jun 16 10:14:19 EEST 2005

On 16.6.2005, at 08:11, Curtis Maloney wrote:

> OK.  After checking the 0.99->1.0 migration documentation, it seems 
> I've been a little confused between customflags and keywords.  (Though 
> this is partly due to my repeated requests for clarification being 
> ignored.)

They are the exact same thing.

> The page (http://wiki.dovecot.org/moin.cgi/UpgradingDovecot) says 1.0 
> does not use .customflags any more.  Now, I'm hoping they're still 
> supported, in which case I'm curious to know where those details ARE 
> stored?
> If 1.0 does support custom flags in a usable way, I'll migrate next 
> week (with Andrey's gzip patch applied :)

1.0-stable doesn't support keywords at all. 1.0-tests support them, but 
with maildir they're currently only stored in index files, so if they 
get lost the keywords get lost. Also there's no easy way to keep old 

This is one of the last important things left to do before v1.0.. 
Hopefully soon :)
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