[Dovecot] Outlook Duplicates issue is still killing me

Robert Cooper rac at noidea.us
Sat May 7 02:50:09 EEST 2005

Agreed.  That was going to be my answer.  I use IMAP (with Thunderbird, 
not LookOut thankfully) so I can access my mail from the desktop, laptop 
and via squirrelmail if neither of those are available.

I think the only excuse for using Outlook is if you are must use an 
Exchange server....

John Peacock wrote:
> Jeff Ramsey wrote:
>> Has anyone else seen this issue? What can I do to fix it,
>> short of permanently unchecking that box in Outlook? (The user is my 
>> boss,
>> and he likes to get his email on all three computers...)
> Set him up using IMAP (Outlook _is_ capable of using this newer 
> protocol).  POP was never intended to be used this way...
> John

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