[Dovecot] pop3 retr error

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun May 8 13:58:18 EEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 17:08 +0200, Marten Lehmann wrote:
> I'm getting the following error while Mozilla Mail is downloading >4000 
> emails:
> The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving message. Mail server 
> xxx responded: Message is deleted.
> So what's the error? Can't I retrieve a message, that has been marked as 
> deleted before? 

That's right. Like the POP3 spec says:

      RETR msg

             a message-number (required) which may NOT refer to a
             message marked as deleted
      DELE msg

             The POP3 server marks the message as deleted.  Any future
             reference to the message-number associated with the message
             in a POP3 command generates an error.  The POP3 server does
             not actually delete the message until the POP3 session
             enters the UPDATE state.

> If the Mesage-ID wouldn't exist, the error message would 
> be different. I don't know what Mozilla Mail is doing and on which 
> message id it is failing. Also, there's no output in the logfiles. Any 
> ideas?

I looked at the code and didn't see any problems with how DELE/RETR
handles the messages. So it sounds like Mozilla deletes something and
tries to fetch it again later for some reason..

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