[Dovecot] 1.0-test69

Andrew Hucthings info at a-wing.co.uk
Sun May 8 20:57:48 EEST 2005

Funky stuff, I'm sure I'll annoy you with an obscure bug I dig up
shortly ;)

As for Irssi2, looks very interesting, I may be tinkering with it

Gonna see if I can write a minor patch for dovecot this week so that we
can see number of messages downloading in a pop3 session in the logfile.
Similar to the way UW does it, will be very useful for us at work trying
to trace customers POP problems, I will submit it if anyone will find it


On Sun, 2005-05-08 at 20:33 +0300, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> http://dovecot.org/test/
>  - Several mbox fixes, upgrade recommended for test68 mbox users
>  - Possibly fixes some IMAP hangs where Dovecot just stopped replying
>  - Fixed delay-newmail workaround. It was badly broken before.
> And somewhat off topic advertisement:
> I got a bit distracted from Dovecot a week ago when a guy started
> mailing me about wanting to write an irssi2 client as a project to learn
> Ruby. Half a year ago I had written a semi-working irssi2 server but I
> got stuck with it because I wasn't interested about writing client for
> it. Now that the client actually works, irssi2's development has kind of
> exploded :)
> Irssi2 is a bit related to Dovecot too, in that it'll be integrated with
> it more or less tightly to provide instant messaging support. Nothing
> prevents extending irssi2-protocol to support all other kinds of
> realtime events either, for example to send new mail notifications.
> If you're interested, see:
> http://main.irssi.org/projects/irssi2.html
> And for the lazy, here's the introduction copy&pasted:
> Shortly put, irssi2 is to instant messaging what IMAP is to mail. You
> can safely exit your irssi2 client, and irssi2 server just keeps on
> going. When you connect back with your client, you can see all the
> discussion that happened while you were away (and even older discussion,
> too, if you want).
> You can also use multiple clients even at the same time, so you could
> for example keep one client always open at home and still be able to
> check what's going on with your mobile phone.
> Irssi2 clients are encouraged to keep their configuration in server
> side, so nothing should prevent you from temporarily using another
> irssi2 client from your friend's home with no other configuration needed
> than irssi2 server's address, your username and password.
> Irssi2 is designed to support multiple chat protocols (IRC, SILC, MSN,
> ICQ, etc.) but without ignoring hardcore IRC users. That means that
> unlike all other similar attempts (such as Jabber), irssi2's
> client-server protocol will actually allow fully featured irssi2 IRC
> client to be written with no compromises (but still the same client can
> be used to talk to MSN and elsewhere).
> Note that irssi2 isn't trying to replace IRC servers (yet ;). irssi2
> server simply connects to normal IRC servers just as a regular IRC
> client. To prevent mixups with these terms, IRC servers are usually
> called "gateways" in irssi2.
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