[Dovecot] Active Directory Auth

Jeff Graves jeff at image-src.com
Fri May 20 00:15:56 EEST 2005

Not that this is the answer you are looking for, but I was iffy about
manually modifying AD and samba auth didn't have the features I needed, so I
used Windows SFU (free download) and set up an NIS server on the AD domain.
Works great!

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Dovecot needs a password DB where to perform authentication and a user 
DB where to retrieve home directory and uid/gid.
With A.D. you can perform only the first: authorization but you should 
use Kerberos and PAM, not LDAP. Actually, a Microsoft extension to A.D. 
exists; it add unix style accounting to A.D., but I did not test it 
(ehi, it's Microsoft stuff! Do you really think it can work?  ;-)
For the user DB you should use static uid/gid and virtual mailboxes (a 
single Linux user that own all the mailboxes).

If you are interested, search the list archives to find my post where I 
rougly explained how to do it.
Sorry for my terrible english.



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Juan Pablo Fava wrote:

>Hi, this is my fist post  :)
>I'm trying to authenticate users to Active Directory, but I don´t know how
>to set up dovecot-ldap.conf to do this. Specially user_filter and
>pass_filter attrs.
>Does someone have this configuration working?
>Thanks in advance.

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