[Dovecot] Newbie-ish Questions

Joe Dauncey joe at dauncey.net
Sun May 22 21:01:57 EEST 2005


I'm in the process of migrating from local Maildir, to IMAP-enabled Maildir (terms are made up by me).

I have my Maildir directories all under $HOME/Mail

I have a procmail script that sorts everything into different folders under $HOME/Mail, and leaves the rest in a Maildir folder chosen by me, that I think of as my INBOX.

Now, I am assuming that the folder I identify as INBOX is the one that a client will interpret as the INBOX?

I really want the INBOX to be one of the folders under $HOME/Mail, but at the moment dovecot only will only consider the folder $HOME/Mail as the INBOX, so I have to send my 'inbox' mail to $HOME/Mail, rather than what I would prefer, which would be $HOME/Mail/INBOX (or something like that).

The seting I have in dovecot.conf is:
default_mail_env = maildir:~/Mail

Is this is the only way, or am I doing something wrong?

Should I be using default_mail_env to define the inbox? e.g. with:
default_mail_env = maildir:~/Mail:INBOX=INBOX (or whatever my inbox mail folder name is)

Maybe I've just got my Maildir folder set up completely wrong, and I'm supposed to accept the Maildir folder itself as the inbox? If so, please just send me on my way ;-)

Also, since I don't know much about IMAP, where can I find out what the .subscriptions file is, and what it does, and also all the other files created by dovecot, like the .imap files and the .customflags



Joe Dauncey

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