[Dovecot] Dovecot-alpha1 and Thunderbird Sent problems

Nicholas Young nich at sw.oz.au
Fri Sep 9 08:00:45 EEST 2005

I have dovecot 1.0alpha1 setup in a semi test environment running on
Solaris 2.6.

When using Thunderbird 1.0.6 from Windows occasionally the client will
hang after sending a message and before copying it to the Sent folder on
dovecot. Sendmail logs indicate that the message has been sent

The mail directory is not shared over NFS. It is in maildir format.

Restarting Thunderbird and sending exactly the same message will work.
This seems to imply that it is not message dependant. Once the error has
occured once it continues to occur until the client is restarted.

We have file system quotas however they are very large for a very small
amount of mail. The filesystem is about 80% free space and about
98% free inodes.

I cannot replicate the issue under Linux using Thunderbird that is
current for FC3. Some hacked version 1.0.2-1.3.3

Imap workarounds turned on under dovecot are outlook-idle for imap. The
issue has not been seen under Outlook. Outlook is using a local
Sent-Items folder instead of an Imap one however.

The connection is running over SSL so I can not sniff the traffic on the
wire, I have not tried using the rawlog settings yet. I plan to start
this now, however the sporadic nature of the problem may delay useful
information from here.

The dovecot logs are not showing error messages, just:
dovecot: Sep 09 09:24:35 Info: imap-login: Login: user=.... TLS

Any suggestions on where to start would be great. This issue was not
reported to me when running dovecot-1.0-stable-20050718.

Thanks for any help/suggestions on where to go from here.


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