[Dovecot] Question re: .mailboxlist to .subscriptions migration

S JList sjlist at heidelberg.edu
Wed Aug 2 15:49:40 EEST 2006

Hello.  I'm in the final stages of installing Dovecot on a new server, 
and then will be migrating user mailboxes from an older server that was 
using UW-IMAP.  I realize that I will have to rename the ".mailboxlist" 
file to ".subscriptions".

But, I have a question about the "mail/" directory part that appears for 
most mailboxes in each users .mailboxlist file:  since I'm configuring 
my Dovecot to use multiple hidden namespaces (one of which will include 
"mail/"), do I still have to remove the "mail/" directory portion of 
each entry in the subscription file by hand, or will the namespace 
settings take care of "ignoring" that part of each listed mailbox?

I hope this question makes sense.  TIA for any help.

sjlist at heidelberg.edu

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