[Dovecot] Stale imap processes

Dillon turtle at loveturtle.net
Wed Aug 2 17:08:07 EEST 2006

Pete Slagle wrote:
> Thanks for the tip.  But, it's perplexing: kqueue support is built in by
> default to the FreeBSD port of dovecot, which presumably means that
> almost everyone running dovecot on FreeBSD is using it.
> I had some trouble finding a good way to search the dovecot list
> archives. Can you provide a pointer to the thread you mention? It might
> be something I should send to the maintainer of the FreeBSD dovecot port.
> Pete
I've been reading this thread this morning and others about problems 
with the latest dovecot and thunderbird. I'm running dovecot-1.0.r2 on 
FreeBSD 6.1
My personal client is Thunderbird on OS-X

After tinkering with rebuilding dovecot with and without kqueue support 
it would appear building with kqueue is the desired configuration. With 
kqueue I did notice two stale imap processes after about a weeks worth 
of use. After recompiling without kqueue moving messages around folders 
caused the client to hang and after the first login the imap process 
wouldn't close after i closed the connection.

Moving lots of messages around folders seems to be fine with kqueue 
support and the stale imap process problem seems to be reduced. This was 
all deducted after about 15 minutes of tinkering so i could be wrong :-)

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