[Dovecot] 1.0 RC3 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Aug 2 19:25:06 EEST 2006


Does this fix the hangs people have been reporting?

	- SSL connections hanged sometimes, especially when saving messages.
	- mbox: Mail bodies were saved with CR+LF linefeeds
	- Mail forwarding was broken with deliver/Sieve
	- dbox fixes. Might actually be usable now.
	- Index file handling fixes with keywords
	- Cache file was incorrectly used in some situations, which probably
	  caused problems sometimes.
	- Maildir++ quota: Don't count "." and ".." directory sizes to quota.
	  After rewriting maildirsize file keep its fd open so that we can
	  later update it. Patch by Alexander Zagrebin

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