[Dovecot] Deleted email does not appear in the Trash folder

William Astle astle at lexi.net
Thu Aug 3 18:26:28 EEST 2006

Odhiambo WASHINGTON wrote:
> BTW, I don't understand why people still use mbox format :-(
> Sorry, I know this might result in flames, but I'd appreciate any good
> reasons to use mbox, especially a RTFM, if possible.

Some of us are running systems with a strong legacy influence on them.
That means MBOX is the mail format of choice because all the tools
(custom or otherwise) that have been deployed all expect MBOX format.
Additionally, doing the changeover on a live system is not particularly
pleasant when you simply cannot just knock the system offline for a few
hours while you make the changeover in a controlled manner.

Additionally, because MBOX is working and has been working for years
without signficant problems and the problems that do occur are well
understood by the admins here, I cannot justify the time to make the
changeover on existing systems. Especially since there are things to do
which actually provide a more noticeable improvement to 99% of my users.

This is my reason for running MBOX.

The other reason a lot run MBOX is that it is simply the default for
mail delivery on many systems.

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