[Dovecot] Can't change permissions for /var/spool/postfix/dovecot.index.log

James Brown jlbrown at bordo.com.au
Fri Aug 4 02:20:56 EEST 2006

Yes Timo, the index files were in the wrong place. I have corrected  
default_mail_env and all works fine now.

Thanks for your help,


On 04/08/2006, at 7:08 AM, Timo Sirainen wrote:

> On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 00:33 +1000, James Brown wrote:
>> For some reason i can't change the permissions on /var/spool/postfix/
>> dovecot.index.log from postfix to dovecot, or anything else.
>> I changed all the files in /var/spool/postfix to be owner postfix so
>> that postfix wouldn't complain about insufficient priviledges.
>> I'm running MacOS X 10.4.7.
>> I can change it all I want, but the owner and group changes do not
>> 'stick' - they simply stay at postfix.
>> Does anyone have any ideas?
>> Can I have the index and index.log files elsewhere?
> The index files really shouldn't be there at all.
> What have you set in default_mail_env? Or are you trying to read mails
> as postfix user or something?

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