[Dovecot] Stale imap processes

John Wong johnw at wonghome.net
Fri Aug 4 06:30:39 EEST 2006

Pete Slagle wrote:
> I had this same problem, many idle imap processes, using rc2 without
> SSL, but it was NOT solved by using kqueue. It suggests that the kqueue
> issue sometimes affects the symptoms, but actually just covers or
> exposes an underlying bug.

i had this problem too, i change to use kqueue to poll (notify), then
the problem is solved
(all connection tls/ssl/plain)

if you want use poll, you need use "--with-notify=pool" for configure script

on my system(openbsd), if i do not use "--with-notify" flag,
dovecot will use kqueue for notify by default
and use poll for ioloop by default

shell$> dovecot --build-options
Build options: ioloop=poll ipv6 openssl
SQL drivers: mysql
Passdb: bsdauth checkpassword passwd passwd-file sql
Userdb: checkpassword passwd prefetch passwd-file sql static

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