[Dovecot] Dovecot proxy in front of UWash?

Luis Meléndez luism at uco.es
Sat Aug 5 16:26:11 EEST 2006

Vincent Fox wrote:
> Is it possible to use Dovecot frontends in front of UWash backends?
> I need a proxy pool ASAP. There is not sufficient time to migrate the
> backends for 40,000+ users so they have to stay UW for now.
> I have been looking at Perdition but concerned about performance under
> load. Dovecot looks really promising with it's non-forking mode. I need
> simple dumb frontends no local mail.

In our University we have been using perdition for almost all POP/IMAP
accesses for some years without ANY problem. It is reliable and efficient.
Users here have many multimegabyte mailboxes (many of them >100Mb) and, according to our tests,
perdition has never been a bottleneck.
It works fine both with UW-IMAP and Dovecot.
We have several thousands of active accounts, but cannot provide now
data about number of concurrent accesses.

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