[Dovecot] Dovecot Sieve without LDA?

Mart Pirita sysadmin at e-positive.ee
Sun Aug 6 21:14:06 EEST 2006

> No, not at this time. 
But maybe in future?
>  Dovecot only handles delivery to the base Maildir or
> mbox.  Anything more complicated requires the use of an actual LDA. 

Hmm, but if Dovecot handles the Maildir in my case, then why can't 
Dovecot do mail filtering on the fly, for example, first all mail will 
delivered to the main Inbox, but as the client connects, Dovecot reads 
the rules and places them to separate mailbox etc according to the 
previously configured rules.  In this case, it is not delivery, it's 
more like moving.
>  Is there
> some reason you don't want to use the Dovecot LDA?
Actually no, but I'd just like that separate software does separate 
things, Sendmail or Postfix as MTA and Dovecot as imap/pop server.


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