[Dovecot] 1.0 RC6 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Aug 7 02:43:59 EEST 2006


Back to rc1's SSL proxying code with some improvements, which hopefully
now makes everyone happy.

I'm seeing all kinds of problems with namespace prefixes and LIST code.
I guess it would be important to fix it before v1.0 since it makes
upgrades from other servers easier..

I also tried looking into the "Unknown namespace" problems that happens
if you try to create only one namespace with "INBOX." prefix. I couldn't
really figure out what causes those errors. Could someone show me what
commands the client tries to use which causes it?

	* Removed login_max_logging_users setting since it was somewhat weird
	  in how it worked. Added login_max_connections to replace it with
	  login_process_per_connection=no, and with =yes its functionality
	  is now within login_max_processes_count.

	+ Added --with-linux-quota configure option to specify which Linux
	  quota version to use, in case it's not correct in sys/quota.h.
	  Usually used as --with-linux-quota=2
	+ acl plugins: If .DEFAULT file exists in global ACL root directory,
	  use it as the default ACLs for all mailboxes.
	- Fixes to login process handling, especially with
	- Back to the original SSL proxy code but with one small fix, which
	  hopefully fixes the occational hangs with it
	- Several fixes to handling LIST command more correctly.

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