[Dovecot] Make user name CaSe Insensitive

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Aug 7 23:18:17 EEST 2006

On 7.8.2006, at 23.11, FlashWebHost.com wrote:

> I have mail box info at mydomain.com stored in MySQL db.
> But dovecot is allowing me to login as both
> info at mydomain.com
> Shows two mail boxes. The small letter account is the one mail server
> really deliver all mails.
> Is there any way i can specify all login names are small letters, so
> that user always access real mail box ?

One way would be to allow both, but change the username to the  
correct case:

password_query = select user, password, ..

ie. make it return the "user" field as in the database.

Another way would be to change the SQL query to do case sensitive  
comparision instead of .. where user = '%u'. I don't remember how  
exactly this was done with MySQL, see its documentation.
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