[Dovecot] Can't move messages

Paul van Erk parena at parena.net
Tue Aug 8 22:41:37 EEST 2006


I use dovecot with IMAP over SSL and with Plain Text authentication. I've been 
using that for quite a while, but now (with my new PC), it's not working like 
it should (I tried several 1.0* releases, including 1.0-rc6. The problem is 
that I can't move messages from one IMAP folder to another, no matter which 
mail client. When I use KMail, I get:

"The connection to the server parena was unexpectedly closed or timed out. It 
will be re-established automatically if possible."

But everything still works. The messages hasn't moved (deleting (so send to 
Trash folder) also doesn't work), it stays where it is.

With Thunderbird, it just goes nuts in the status bar saying "Connecting..." 
and some other messages: clearly it tries to move, loses the connection and 
tries again and again...

An extra weird thing is when I move a message from my IMAP account to a local 
folder, it works. And then I can move that message from the local folder to 
my IMAP account. It only doesn't work when moving messages within the IMAP 

I use:
openssh 4.3_p2-r1
openssl 0.9.7j

I hope someone can help me, 'coz my wife will soon start to find it just as 
annoying as I already do. ;)

Paul van Erk

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