[Dovecot] Dovecot imap with Postfix and using Thunderbird as client

Shawn Needham shawn at flash.uchicago.edu
Wed Aug 9 01:18:45 EEST 2006


I was wondering if anyone knew of the mysterious fix to this problem that 
Curtis describes in his followup:
"I vaguely remember something like this, but I don't recall the fix"

I recently installed dovecot on a server running RHEL4-AS-U2 and have updated 
to RHEL latest dovecot package, dovecot-0.99.11-2.EL4.1.

Seeing as this is close to the version Curtis is running (dovecot-0.99.14) I 
was wondering if anyone had some insights.

There seems to be a Thunderbird specific problem when trying to retrieve 
messages from the server. Other imap clients (Mac OSX Mail, squirrelmail, etc) 
don't experience this problem, however Thunderbird experiences it on 
Linux, Mac OSX and Windows boxes.

In thunderbird, new messages don't reliably appear and the retrieval button 
doesn't work when new mail is present. Clicking on an email which isn't cached 
retrieves new ones as well as waiting around an hour to retrieve messages.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

Curtis Maloney wrote:
> Ben Ware wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just recently installed dovecot, and I am having the following problem:
>> If I send an email to my account on this new machine, I can log in via SSH 
>> and use the unix mail command, and instantly my email is visible.  If I turn 
>> on Thunderbird, it will show my new message.  If Thunderbird was already on 
>> and had already checked the mailbox, even if I click on get new mail for 
>> that specific mailbox, the new mail does not show up until I restart 
>> thunderbird.  Is there something that I have set wrong in the config files 
>> that is preventing the IMAP part of dovecot from refreshing the messages 
>> quickly for me to see?  I dont see anything in the log files at all except 
>> for it showing me logging in.
>> Thanks,
>> Ben
> I am using pretty much the same setup - Dovecot (0.99.14), Postfix and 
> Thunderbird.  I vaguely remember something like this, but I don't recall the 
> fix.  What happens when you click on another folder, and back to the folder 
> with the new mail?  Does it show then?
> -- 
> Curtis Maloney

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