[Dovecot] IMAP/POP3 proxying and capability

Laurent Papier papier at sdv.fr
Wed Aug 9 13:38:35 EEST 2006

I setup a rather large POP3/IMAP configuration and want to use dovecot proxying

I have noted that the capability announce when connecting via the proxies are
not the same before you are authenticated and after. Before you are
authenticated the proxy announce is own capability and after it announce the
final server capability. The problem is that some (most ? all ?) mail client
ask for capability before authenticate to the server. So if the proxy
capability are not the same as the final server capability the client gets
wrong information.

I use the QUOTA extension and it doesn't make sens to activate the quota
feature on the proxy. Any other suggestion ?
Perdition can hardcode the capability string the his configuration file. This
is not perfect as the capability can change but it's an acceptable workaround
for me.

Laurent Papier - 03 88 75 80 50
Admin. système - SdV Plurimedia - <http://www.sdv.fr/>

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