[Dovecot] Dovecot under daemontools

dale gallagher dale.gallagher at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 18:29:13 EEST 2006

Hi John

Thanks for responding. I've progressed somewhat - details follow.

On 10/08/06, John Peacock <jpeacock at rowman.com> wrote:

> You aren't using the correct log_path; it should be:
> log_path 

I did have this option set, sorry - I pasted the previous config. The log
process appears to be working since I changed a few other settings.

Google is your friend:
>         http://www.thedjbway.org/imap/dovecot.html

This is the exact URL which I'd started from before I even started building

$ cat /service/dovecot-imapd/run
exec 2>&1
echo "Starting dovecot IMAP service"
exec envuidgid dovecot \
     /usr/sbin/dovecot \
     -F \
     -c /etc/dovecot.conf

$ cat /service/dovecot-imapd/log/run
exec setuidgid log multilog t /var/log/dovecot-imapd

I'm now getting the following error in the logs - any idea? The error isn't
terribly informative.

Fatal: sigaction(SIGRTMIN) failed: Invalid argument

---- My revised /etc/dovecot.conf is ----

protocols protocol imap {
  listen }

log_path log_timestamp 
login_dir login_chroot login_user login_greeting 
auth default {
  mechanisms   passdb checkpassword {
    args   }
  userdb prefetch {
  user }

---- Some more detail regarding permissions (if this is pertinent) ----

$ id dovecot
uid16(dovecot) gid!1(dovecot) groups!1(dovecot)

$ id auth
uid17(auth) gid!2(auth) groups!2(auth)

$ ls -la /var/qmail/users/ | grep vpasswd
-rw-r-----   1 root   auth   2814 Aug  3 11:03 vpasswd
-rw-r-----   1 root   auth   5621 Aug  3 11:04 vpasswd.cdb

$ ls -la /var/log | grep dove
drwxr-x---   2 log   log   4096 Aug 10 14:51 dovecot-imapd

$ ls -la /var/qmail/bin | grep vauth
-rws--s--x   1 root   auth   10320 May 11  2005 qmail-vauth
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