[Dovecot] Duplicate e-mails

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Aug 10 20:52:17 EEST 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 16:52 -0700, Lisa Wu wrote:
> I've got Postfix/Dovecot config mail server, POP3/mbox, and a few users are
> complaining about duplicate e-mails. 
> User connects with Outlook 2003 to Dovecot to download mail. If you check
> the mail logs for that message ID, only one copy is delivered to his
> mailbox. Also, verified that the client is set-up to NOT leave a copy of the
> message on the server.
> He downloads a copy of the e-mail once, and then 2 minutes later when his
> client reconnects to check for mail, he gets another copy of that e-mail.
> It's not a consistent problem.

So, that means that the mail doesn't get deleted in the server. That
happens either if the client doesn't issue DELE command for it, or that
the connection closes before client sends QUIT command.

> I check the dovecot logs, and see his client connecting and disconnecting,
> and always deleting the same number of e-mails it downloads. Is this a
> network issue or a config issue? 

Looks like there's a bug in the reporting. Unless the disconnection line
says "Logged out", no messages are actually deleted even though it says
they are. I'll fix this.

Are you using SSL?

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