[Dovecot] messages_count too large errors (1.0RC5)

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Aug 11 01:16:09 EEST 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 16:24 +1000, Jeff Turner wrote:
> Hi,
> Just today, Thunderbird started throwing errors when accessing a particular
> mail folder. Looking in the logs showed this:
> dovecot: Aug 09 15:36:31 Error: IMAP(nmenere): Corrupted index file /imap/mailboxes/nmenere/shared-settings/jira-support/index/.INBOX.Triaged/dovecot.index: messages_count too large (51 > 39)

So how many files are there really?

> In fact, the problem seems to be with the files in cur/. There are 51 in total,
> and 39 of them have an 'i' flag:
> 1155084961.P27685Q5.redback.sydney.atlassian.com:2,Sbrk
> 1155084979.P27685Q6.redback.sydney.atlassian.com:2,Sbtk
> 1155085103.P27685Q10.redback.sydney.atlassian.com:2,Sbwk
> 1155085175.P28321Q1.redback.sydney.atlassian.com:2,Sbcki
> 1155085221.P27685Q12.redback.sydney.atlassian.com:2,Sbwk
> 1155085228.P28321Q4.redback.sydney.atlassian.com:2,Sbki
> 1155085231.P28321Q5.redback.sydney.atlassian.com:2,Sbki
> 1155085246.P28321Q6.redback.sydney.atlassian.com:2,Sbki

All the lowercase a-z flags are Dovecot's keywords, which are listed in
dovecot-keywords file (1=a, 2=b, etc.). If the file doesn't exist or the
flag isn't listed in there, it's given a unknown-<number> name.

Anyway, I tried to reproduce this problem but couldn't. Could you give
me a list of all the files in the maildir that is broken? Does it break
even if there are no dovecot* files at all? What if you do:

rm ~/Maildir/.folder/dovecot*
MAIL=~/Maidir /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/imap
x select folder

Does it print the same error message after select command?
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