[Dovecot] stale imap processes with 1.0.rc6 on FreeBSD

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Fri Aug 11 02:49:22 EEST 2006

> > I don't really understand this problem.. Is this user using SSL? What if
> > you try the attached patch, does it change anything?
> No ssl as far as I know. (I tried to explain in my previous email: no 
> imaps in protocols and not using stunnel for imaps for over week. Also 
> the end user said stopped using imaps over a week ago to make sure that 
> was not the problem.)

Also I have:
 ssl_disable = yes

> I didn't try the patch yet as it looks to be for SSL only.

I did a backtrace on another stale PID and the gdb backtrace full was 

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