[Dovecot] stale imap processes with 1.0.rc6 on FreeBSD

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Aug 11 04:03:55 EEST 2006

On 11.8.2006, at 3.53, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

>> So it's at least not in some infinite loop. What about ktrace,  
>> does it
>> show anything else than kevents?
> When I did ktrace -p on pids before the kdump was empty.

Hmm. I thought it would have shown at least kevent calls in there,  
but I guess not then..

>> Also, what do these commands say after attaching to gdb:
>> p *my_client
>> p *(struct file_istream *)my_client.input.real_stream
>> p *(struct file_ostream *)my_client.output.real_stream
> (gdb) p *my_client

Are you sure these backtraces were from a process that was really  
hanging? Everything in there looks as if it was just an idling  
connection which was still connected to the IMAP client. Although the  
last output was "OK Idle completed." which means that the client most  
likely would have gone back to IDLE command instead of just leaving  
it there..

Can you check process's connections in FreeBSD with netstat -p or  
something else?
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