[Dovecot] IMAP4rev1 broken with evolution

Charles Bueche charles at bueche.ch
Fri Aug 11 11:20:21 EEST 2006


I'm running 1.0rc6 on Solaris/SPARC, compiled myself against openssl.
Client is Evolution 2.6.2 on my gentoo x86 laptop.

As Dovecot is not yet productive, we run it parallel to UW-imap, on
other ports. I use TLS.

If I configure my evolution client with server-type IMAP, everything
works fine. However, dovecot claims IMAP4rev1 support. However, when I
set server-type to IMAP4rev1 in evolution, I get a popup :

Evolution popup :

Error while Scanning folders in "IMAP server xxx.yyy.com".
IMAP4 server xxx.yyy.com unexpectedly disconnected : Invalid argument

Using --debug with evolution doesn't show more. In dovecot logs, nothing

I'm ready to test, so please hints me.

Charles Bueche <charles at bueche.ch>
sand, snow, wave, wind and net -surfer

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