[Dovecot] POP to IMAP Transition

Odhiambo WASHINGTON odhiambo.raburu at wananchi.com
Fri Aug 11 18:41:18 EEST 2006

* On 11/08/06 08:00 -0700, Yudhvir Singh Sidhu wrote:
| I am using Dovecot IMAP and added an IMAP folder to an Outlook client  
| which is also popping another account. Both account folders exist in the  
| same client. I am wondering if I can drag the pop-ed mail to the IMAP  
| folder, thereby transferring old mail to the IMAP folder? Outlook allows  
| me to click and drag folders into the IMAP folder.

<Switching to layman mode>

Does it allow you to drag and drop ONLY empty folders?
I'd try dragging the mail and see what happens, anyway!


| You see where I am going with this, I wnat to transition from the old POP  
| accounts to the new IMAP accounts and delete the old folders. Is this  
| possible?

I don't understand what you mean. How are the mails currently stored? 
mbox? Then mb2md is a nifty util you can use to convert mbox to maildir.



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