[Dovecot] Migrating from qpopper to dovecot

asko asko.t at ultrasoft.ee
Wed Aug 16 13:54:11 EEST 2006


I am planning a migration from Qpopper 4.0.5 to Dovecot.. I need to use 
  mbox format (because Openwebmail does not have native Maildir support 
yet) and pop3. The system will have about 1500 users, once migrating is 

To avoid users downloading their mailboxes all over again, i need to set
"pop3_reuse_xuidl = yes".. But that option works since Dovecot 1.0alpha1.

RHEL has latest stable version 0.99.11-2.

So let me rephrase my question: is latest dovecot (1.0.rc6) stable 
enough to handle the load (mbox with pop3) or should I wait for the 
stable version to come out.. I want to avoid trouble under heavy load 
and/or with different pop3 clients. I found some problem reports of mbox 
related issues from dovecot mailing list.

I could go with latest Qpopper 4.0.8, trading speed to safety..

If you have any similar experiences, please share your knowledge ;-)


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