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Nigel Cox ncox-system at rentokil.com
Thu Aug 17 13:10:22 EEST 2006



We recently had a mail storm which resulted in many tens of thousands of
e-mails being delivered to each of 4 users in just 5 minutes.

This was quickly resolved.

However, one more savvy user though he could use the webmail (squirrelmail)
to delete the e-mail without downloading it.  He gave up on the idea though.

I, however, removed the mail directly from the server file system.


The problem now is that he has a .imap.index.data file of over 250MB!


I have asked him to login again and view all the directories, I even sent
him another test and asked him to delete this via webmail.


None of this had any effect on the file.


I thought the indexes were rebuilt with the deletion of a message?


Any ideas?






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