[Dovecot] 1.0 RC7 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Aug 18 01:28:57 EEST 2006


Can everyone now agree that there are no more hangs? :)

	* Require that Dovecot master process's version number matches the
	  child process's, unless version_ignore=yes. Usually it's an
	  accidental installation problem if the version numbers don't match.
	* Maildir: Create maildirfolder file when creating new maildirs.

	+ ldap+prefetch: Use global uid/gid settings if LDAP query doesn't
	  return them
	+ %variables: Negative offsets count from the end of the string.
	  Patch by Johannes Berg.
	- kqueue ioloop code rewrite
	- notify=kqueue might have caused connection hangs sometimes
	- deliver: If message body contained a valid mbox From_ line, it
	  and the rest of the message was skipped.
	- mbox: We got into infinite loops if trying to open a 2 byte sized
	  file as mbox.
	- Don't crash with ssl_disable=yes
	- quota plugin caused compiling problems with some OSes
	- mbox: After saving a mail to a synced mbox, we lost the sync which
	  caused worse performance

I think my v1.0 TODO list is:

 - avoid duplicate flag change notifications, or in case the message is
   also expunged don't bother notifying its flag changes at all
   (shouldn't be hard)
 - HFS+ avoid-hardlinks patch?
 - 32bit -> 64bit upgrade still doesn't work without assert-crashing:
   mail-cache-transaction.c: line 709 (mail_cache_add): assertion failed:
   (fixed_size == (unsigned int)-1 || fixed_size == data_size)
 - Courier-compatible INBOX. namespace gives "invalid namespace" errors

I'm still not sure about the last one though. Could someone give me
specific commands that clients send that causes it?

As for the 32bit -> 64bit upgrade fix, could someone give me access to a
x86-64 machine for a while to test it out?
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