[Dovecot] How to change passwords on LDAP Server?

Luis Motta Campos champs at segula.pt
Fri Aug 18 14:20:01 EEST 2006

  Dear List People

  Someone here could please send me some advice on changin' LDAP
passwords? It seems that everything is working nice, except by dovecot:
I can send emails using my new LDAP password trought postfix smtp
authentication, I can login to my Intranet website and to the Mod-LDAP
protected pages on my company. I just can't POP my mail messages,
because Dovecot says

  "dovecot-auth: ldap(user at company.net): password mismatch".

  I guess this is because I'm incorrectly coding the password. Please
help me to figure out the right way to crypt the password so Dovecot can
read this from the LDAP.

  *Extra* *Information:*

  I made a simpler and smaller test version of the program that I use to
change passwords, its attached to the email. The essentials are there.


  My dovecot is a Debian/Sarge (Stable) 3.1 package. I'm also using
Perl, Net::LDAP, Apache with Mod_Perl and OpenLDAP. Everything on linux,
of course.

  Package             Version
  ----                ----
  dovecot-common      0.99.14-1sarge0
  dovecot-imapd       0.99.14-1sarge0
  dovecot-pop3d       0.99.14-1sarge0
  perl                5.8.4-8sarge4
  libnet-ldap-perl    0.3202-3
  apache-perl         1.3.33-6sarge2
  slapd               2.2.23-8
  kernel-image-2.4.2  2.4.27-10sarge1

  Any help, suggestion or comment are welcome.
  Thank you all in advance.

Luis Motta Campos
Segula Technologies Portugal
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