[Dovecot] HMAC-MD5 / HMAC-MD5-context

Chris Laif chris.laif at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 22 12:30:07 EEST 2006

$ dovecotpw -p testpass

I wonder if the prefix 'HMAC-MD5' is the correct notation here.
According to RFC2104 an HMAC is calculated as follows:

 H(K XOR opad, H(K XOR ipad, text))

where H is the cryptographic hash function (MD5 in this case).
Therefore the result has to be a 128 bit string, which is obviously
not the case in the above shown example. In addition, the input value
'text' is missing if you only have a password K.

Maybe it would be better to use {HMAC-MD5-CONTEXT} or {HMAC-MD5-CTX} ?


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