[Dovecot] Please help, cant compile with mysql support

Thomas Zajic zlatko at zlatko.fdns.net
Tue Aug 22 18:41:32 EEST 2006

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* Greg Deputy, 2006-08-22 16:58

> Sorry, I typo'd it in the quote below, I am actually using --with-mysql.
> I'm not able to figure out what Config.log is trying to tell me, its at
> http://greg.blastzone.com/config.log if anyone can take the time to look.
> Thanks again.

Looking at lines 4357ff, it seems like your MySQL libs have been linked
against yaSSL, which in turn seems to be a C++ library - thus gcc can't
figure out that it needs to link against libstdc++.so (and presumably a
few more things in addition to that) as well.

I'm pretty sure that linking a plain C program like Dovecot against C++
libraries is asking for *lots* of trouble, provided that it's possible
at all - which I very much doubt.

Looks like you'll either have to replace yaSSL with OpenSSL (or another
SSL provider library written in plain C) on your system, or install
OpenSSL in parallel to yaSSL. Then you'll need to get a MySQL version
that's linked against OpenSSL rather than yaSSL.

The first variant (ie. ripping out yaSSL and replacing it with OpenSSL) is
likely to break a few things on your system that depend on yaSSL, though.
So, personally, I'd go for the second variant, which would result in the
following steps needed on your system (with a bit of help from my trusty
ol' crystal ball):

1. Replace yaSSL with OpenSSL, or install OpenSSL in parallel to yaSSL.
   As I said, the former would presumably break a few things on your
   system, so I'd aim for a parallel OpenSSL installation.

2. Recompile/reinstall MySQL, and make sure it's linked against OpenSSL
   rather than yaSSL this time.

3. Configure/compile Dovecot as usual, should work fine now.


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