[Dovecot] Maildir folder separator

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Aug 23 16:34:41 EEST 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-22 at 18:11 -0700, Vince Valenti wrote:
> I vote for a configuration file option.  I'm not sure how feasible it
> would be to change the default at this point since it would break
> everyone's existing installations.
> The Maildir++ documentation at
> http://www.inter7.com/courierimap/README.maildirquota.html shows an
> example of a colon being the separator:
> "Can folders have subfolders, defined in a recursive fashion? The answer
> is no. If you want to have a client with a hierarchy of folders, emulate
> it. Pick a hierarchy separator character, say ":". Then, folder foo/bar is
> subdirectory .foo:bar."

Oh. I was sure that it had said that '.' character was the required
separator. Guess I just assumed that because of Courier. So, since the
spec doesn't require it to be '.', I could add a configuration option
for it. Not sure if I'll do it before v1.0..

In any case the separator that is sent to clients can be different than
the real separator in disk. That way you could use some weird character
in the disk, but show user/client a nice standard '/' separator.
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