[Dovecot] Exempt mailboxes from indexing?

B H bhayden at tc.umn.edu
Wed Aug 23 17:28:40 EEST 2006

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-08-22 at 18:31 -0500, B H wrote:
>> I looked through the wiki and the archives, but couldn't find an answer 
>> to this question.
>> We use a webmail product that uses three dummy mbox dotfiles for storing 
>> configuration and temporary info. I'm trying to find a way to have 
>> dovecot's indexing ignore all dotfiles, and so far have had no luck 
>> (other than, of course, coding it in myself).
>> Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks.
> Not really, but what's the harm in doing that except wasting maybe 10kB
> of disk space?

First, thanks for replying!

One of these dummy mboxes is used to autosave in-progress drafts. It 
changes frequently, and Dovecot often tries to stat the index file for 
it when no such index file exists. This throws an error to the console, 
and happens frequently enough to render the console pretty much useless 
(real errors get lost) under a full user load. I was hoping to just 
exempt dotfiles from indexing altogether, so as not to have to add 
workarounds to the app. The operation needs to be low-overhead and isn't 
considered critical, just "a useful addition", so it wasn't designed to 
do the same kind of gentle handling and error-checking you'd do with a 
real mailbox.


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