[Dovecot] Problems with VersaMail on PalmOS

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Wed Aug 23 19:23:56 EEST 2006

I'm at the early stages of debugging this problem, but in case I can
save some time because somebody else has already come across these
issues I thought I'd try a quick post.

I have an installation of Dovecot 0.99.14-1sarge0 from the Debian stable
tree (so nothing cutting edge, but it's proving stable and reliable)
that I am connecting to from a Palm TX with VersaMail 3.1C over IMAP.
Sadly it doesn't display all the mail folders I have available and I'm
not entirely sure why. So far I've not found a common link between which
are displayed, and if I try renaming them then the ones displayed change
- so I suspect there is a certain randomness to this. I am aware that it
doesn't cope with subfolders, and all these are root folders. Some of
the root folders are empty because they are simply acting as a container
for other folders in case that is relevant.

As I say I'm at the early stages, and I'm also looking at other Palm
mail apps (but this came with it so it seemed a good starting point).
I'll post more diagnostic details if I need help further down the line,
but in the mean time if anyone has also seen this I'd be interested to
hear any details.

Paul Tansom | Aptanet Ltd. | http://www.aptanet.com

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